Welcome to 10-8 Forums! With the large number of tactics and shooting related forums in existence, you may be wondering why we need another bulletin board on the Internet. 10-8 Forums was started because there was a need for a tightly moderated, industry friendly forum where professionals can gather and discuss serious issues. Our goal is to provide a venue where industry professionals and end users can interface with each other to exchange ideas and information in a mature and controlled environment.

What makes 10-8 Forums different than all of the other discussion boards out on the Web? First, the administrators and moderators are professionals with real world experience. The information they present is based on facts and/or first hand knowledge.
Check the Moderators page for further details.

10-8 Forums has a strict registration process. The forums can be accessed publicly, and anyone can read. However, in order to participate, all users must register with their true name. No screen names, aliases, or nicknames allowed. In addition, all users must submit a scan of a government issued identification (driver's license, state issued ID card, passport, etc.,). Home addresses may be blacked out, but all users will be confirmed to be real people. It has been our experience that this discourages users from becoming brave behind their computer, minimizing disruption, while maximizing professional discourse. As a side benefit, it has also minimized rip-offs and scams in the For Sale area, and kept all transactions legal.

We hope that all visitors and registered members alike find 10-8 Forums a valuable resource of useful, up to date information. Special thanks to all of our friends in the industry who have helped make the forum a success, as well as to all of our experienced core members for all of their support over the years.

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